About me...


I am an artist and an animal lover living in beautiful Central Virginia with my husband and our three chihuahuas. 

I have always enjoyed cooking, baking and entertaining. When I went vegan 10 years ago, though, I was very lost and confused! I had to relearn how to cook everything but the most basic vegetables. Although I had been vegetarian for several years before going vegan, and comfortable cooking without meat or fish, I had come to rely heavily on eggs, butter, milk and cheese. Now I had to give up those too? I was sure my days of cooking food that everyone loved were over. Thankfully I was very wrong! 

Quietly Vegan is my way of sharing wonderful vegan recipes that have been kitchen tested, family and guest approved, and have had the recipe kinks and quirks worked out. Some of the recipes here are mine, others have come from a variety of great chefs. Helpful hints and product suggestions will also be included from time to time. Please enjoy the recipes that follow, and celebrate the joys of living cruelty free!

Quietly Vegan